Re-Elect Rhett Dusenbury

Rhett Dusenbury:

Mooresville Commissioner at Large


I would first like to extend my thanks to all of the citizens of Mooresville for allowing me to serve them over the last four years. The trust and confidence placed in me by the taxpayers of Mooresville regarding their tax dollars is one of the greatest honors that I have ever known. I have tried to use my best judgment, knowledge, and experience to create an efficient Town administration through conservative public policy that maximized each and every cent of your money. I feel that I have done a good job and I will stand behind my record on all votes while on the Town Board to protect you, the taxpayer. Thank you again for the honor.

I think it is only proper that I explain to the taxpayers my rationale over the last four years of service regarding my actions as a commissioner. I always brought a set of foundation premises to each agenda decision.

The premise that I applied in every decision:

  1. These are taxpayer funds…not mine
  2. Is it legal and ethical?
  3. Is it the role of government?
  4. Is it sustainable?
  5. Does it protect the taxpayers?
  6. If it does not, how can we improve it through policy?
  7. Is it the best use of taxpayer funds?

Although these are my criteria, the fact still remains that I am only one of six commissioners on the Mooresville Town Board. The record shows that some of the votes on proposed public policy changes were not successful, but that is democracy in action. I can honestly say that I fulfilled my goal when I ran for public office four years ago which was to introduce public policy legislation to protect the taxpayers.

Thank you again for your support, but most of all your trust. The one thing I would like you to take away from this website is that taxpayer funds are your money, Mooresville is your town, and most importantly, you are the boss. I am your employee representing you on the Mooresville Town Board and I have stood up for your protection and will continue to do so.

I hope you will allow me to continue serving you on the Mooresville Board of Commissioners.


Rhett Dusenbury

“Public Office is a public trust.”

–President Grover Cleveland (Administration Motto)